When our clients’ home burned down in 2018, they needed plenty of support to get all the funding they deserved from their insurance company. We were honoured to go to bat for this family, and help them restore what they had lost. Entrusted with the entire design and build process, we made sure we were “building back better”. This included raising up the house since it had been on a flood plain. It also meant blending the final results with the rest of the neighbourhood despite the height difference. The entire process took six months and resulted in a totally new home that was significantly larger, with custom details.

When our home burned down, we really didn’t know what to do. Our insurance company recommended a few companies and we hired the one at the top of the list. That company ended up hiring Legacy to do the work, and I really did not interact with the primary contractor after that. Throughout the process, Dan really went to bat for us; he made sure that we got all the funding we needed from the insurance company and gave us a beautiful home. Next time, I would go straight to Legacy Pro Contractors.

Steve & Sandy T.